Hair Restoration

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PTD-DBM 0.001% solution for Fast Hair Growth, 25ml serum. (Doses 25-50)

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Zinc Thymulin + GHK-Cu (10 mcg/5mg /ml) 25ml Hair Regrowth Serum (Doses 25-50)

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TB-500 Thymosin Beta 4 3000mcg/ml, 5ml Injectable Immune Booster, Hair Regrowth, Enhance Performance and Wound healer (Doses 20)

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Progesterone 50mg/ 100mg/ 200mg Sustained Release Capsules ($1.20 lowest price)

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Finasteride Pill 1mg oral – Generic drug to Propecia┬«/Proscar┬« ($1.52 per pill best price)

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Finasteride/Minoxidil/Ketoconazole/Latanoprost Hair Restoration 90ml Solution (Doses 90-180)

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Valproic Acid 5% 25ml Topical Spray (Doses 25-50)

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Armour Thyroid T3/T4 60 mg Tablet ($1.55 per tablet best price)

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