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7-keto DHEA for Weight Loss (100mg), Oral


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7 Keto DHEA: Weight loss with better metabolism. Endorsed by Dr. Oz. It increases BMR,increases thyroid, and blocks cortisol. (6.6 pounds weight loss over 8 weeks) Human Studies. Great for those whose stress levels (high cortisol) are ruining their attempts to lose weight. 7 Keto DHEA is made naturally in the brain.

This is the product promoted on Dr. Oz. Lose weight by increasing BMR (basal metabolic rate), increasing thyroid, and decreasing circulating cortisol. It is shown to be effective in mood balancing and PTSD. Average weight loss of 6.6 pounds over 8 weeks was shown for patients of age 33-55. Our prescription is the protocol that worked ! With stress, cortisol is increased, and nearly completely blocks weight loss. With age, thyroid resistance increases and BMR decreases to cause weight gain. 7-keto DHEA helps overcome all of these common and tough problems. This 7-keto form of DHEA does not increase the sex hormones estrogen or testosterone.

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notes: As seen on Dr. Oz. Vie has the prescription protocol. Human studies (30 adults aged 33-55 years old) lost 6.6 pounds compared to a 2.2 pound loss on placebo. BMR was increased by 1.2% compared to a 3.9% decrease on placebo. No adverse side effects were noted. This compound does NOT increase the production of sex hormones like plain DHEA does. 7 Keto DHEA is naturally produced in the brain. It boosts metabolism and the immune system. It also blocks cortisol (the hormone produced with stress that stops fat from being used). Very few medicines have this cortisol blocking effect. 7 Keto DHEA also causes a slight increase in T3 – the most active thyroid hormone responsible for mood, metabolism, and nearly every cell action in the body.

Many people have trouble actually losing weight despite diet and exercise. Vie has products that may help and are listed below:

5 Amino-1MQ: Promotes fat breakdown by blocking NNMT. (7% loss of weight, 30 % loss of fat in 10 days) Mouse studies.
Amlexanox/TTA: Increases weight loss by activating genes. (2-10 pounds lost in 12 weeks without diet or exercise) Human studies.
Tesofensine: Increases availability of norepinephrine (energy/ alertness), dopamine (pleasure), and serotonin (mood) and decreases appetite. (28-32 pounds in 24 weeks) Human studies.
Tesamorelin: Increases GH secretion for visceral (intestine and liver) fat loss.(15.2% at 26 weeks) Human studies. FDA approved. 7 Keto DHEA: Weight loss without effort. Endorsed by Dr. Oz
Increases BMR,increases thyroid, and blocks cortisol. (6.6 pounds weight loss over 8 weeks) Human Studies.
methyl B-12: Improves mood, energy, and metabolism to promote weight loss. Safe and investigated by many human studies. Also helps with stress management. Commonly used in weight loss clinics.
MIC + mB12: The MIC amino acid combination is used at weight loss clinics to help your body eliminate fat when you diet and exercise.
GOAL: This 4 amino acid combination stimulates the body to increase its growth hormone secretion to improve your energy, build muscle, and decrease fat. This is commonly used at weight loss clinics to help patients lose weight.