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Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) + Caffeine Cream (2.5 ounces), Topical


2.5 ounces

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ALA + caffeine is great for removing eye bags, improving cellulite, and waking up tired skin. Caffeine stimulates fat cells to release fat and decrease bunching. ALA works to remove glycosylation (sugar bound to collagen and elastin making it rigid) and to remove toxins. Of course, Vie’s formulation is in the active form to work immediately. Concentrations of active ingredients are the most available anywhere. Solubility (fat and water soluble) and size (small to penetrate the outer keratin and reach the living dermis) characteristics enable this product to achieve visible results. The outward appearance is absolutely beautiful. This is one of Vie’s founders favorite products. It turns skin on to respond again.

Notes: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) + Caffeine Cellulite and Eye Cream is great for all aged skin but works exceedingly well on troubling eye bags and cellulite.

Caffeine: Every effective cellulite remover and eye bag remover and fat burner contains Xanthine (caffeine is a xanthine).

Caffeine penetrates the ski n and dermis directly, and this is enhanced further by combining it with the ALA. Caffeine binds to receptors on fat cells to enhance their removal and stop accumulation. The less fat and detoxified tissue shows visible as less bulging and less puckering.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): Our form of ALA penetrates the skin in an active form. It is a universal antioxidant. Vies concentration is the highest available for maximum detoxification and for removing glycosylation.

Glycosylation is the rigidity created in collagen and elastin from too much dietary sugar and carbohydrates. It intensifies wrinkles and destroys texture and inhibits blood flow to the skin.

Customers who have reached a plateau on skin care, find use of this product to awaken an amazing response from the decreased glycosylation and excellent removal of pollutants and waste.

Use this product of the face, under eyes, and body. This is one of Vie’s founders most favorite products.