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Anastrozole Estrogen Blocker 1 mg tablet ($1.05 per tablet best price)



Anastrozole is an estrogen blocker taken by men to treat gynecomastia/man boobs from too much estradiol (estrogen).  Anastrozole is also to correct male low sex drive. Excess estrogen in a man can come from obesity, diet, marijuana and from testosterone replacement therapy or boosting.

Estrogen is a hormone that is not only prevalent in females, but also plays an important role in male physiology. It is well known that men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) will have a corresponding rise in their estrogen level.

Estrogen has long been known as an important hormone for bone and vascular health in both males and females, but its role in sexual function, erectile function, sex drive, weight loss, and performance are becoming more well known. Men on Testosterone therapy, who look to optimize exercise performance, sex drive, muscle growth and weight loss, estrogen management must also be a component of therapy.

The majority of estrogen in the male body is a breakdown product of testosterone.  Men with Low-T who use exogenous testosterone are subject rises in estrogen levels. Testosterone acts a substrate for estrogen production, the more testosterone administered into the body the more that can be converted into estrogen. This is especially true in obese males who have significant amount of fat cells that house aromatase. Men who are obese tend to have higher estradiol levels than men of normal weight.

Elevated estrogen levels can stimulate male breast enlargement (gynecomastia).

The use of an aromatase inhibitors, like Anastrozole, can stop this conversion and breakdown of testosterone. Anastrozole  has been used in coordination with TRT in many men’s health testosterone clinics to reduce the breakdown of testosterone, reduce estrogen production and as a treatment for gynecomastia.

  • correct man boobs/ gynecomastia in overweight men and those who undergo TRT
  • reducing estrogen to optimize exercise performance, muscle gains and weight loss
  • improve man’s low libido and increase sex drive due to estrogen imbalance

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