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Aphrodite Face/Body Lotion, Topical



Aphrodite Face/Body lotions with generic Retin-A (Tretinoin) turn skin on to act like you were age 16 again! It is the “Fountain of Youth” for your skin. It is the first and most proven anti-wrinkle product with great cellular penetrating ability. Its biologic activity boosts epidermal growth and collagen synthesis while inhibiting dermal degradation. Clinical proofs of its efficacy are beyond doubt.

All our lotion strengths contain nano-hyaluronic acid. Nano-hyaluronic acid is a tiny molecule that penetrates into the cell and holds water to moisturize from within and to prevent dryness. This is unlike regular hyaluronic acid which just holds water on the skin.

All our lotion strengths contain CoQ10 for enhanced wrinkle reduction, deep dermal hydration, removal of free-radicals and anti-inflammatory properties to decrease the redness and dryness of Retin-A side-effects.

All our lotion strengths contain Vita E as an antioxidant to stop UV damage.

  • all Strengths generate collagen
  • all Strengths remove wrinkles and exfoliate
  • all Strengths lighten age spots
  • all Strengths do not contain preservatives, dyes, perfumes or propylene glycol

We have 3 strengths to target various areas of the face and body.

  1. Full Strength 0.1% for body to corrects crepe-like skin found on decolletage, hands, knees, and buttock crease, and arm-chest junction.
  2. Half Strength 0.05% for face and neck to correct crow’s feet, lip lines and other fine lines.
  • all Strengths include nano-hyaluronic acid and CoQ10
  • use nightly to get desired result and then 2 – 3 x week to maintain.
  • our prices are amazing
  • delivered in an airtight and photo protective device. Our pharmaceutical devices dispense a metered dosage of the lotion with every pump action
  • if you do experience redness, it is okay to take a break. Let the skin calm down. You are still getting benefits without promoting too much irritation
  • usage protocols are sent on receipt of order
  • this product is patent applied for

Lemon Scent

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Product Details

notes: Aphrodite Face/Body Lotion® Half Strength is the gold standard of ingredients to reduce wrinkles and rebuild collagen and elastin. The tretinoin-Retin A® turns on the skin cells to act like they are 16 again.

All skin care products that focused on collagen building and wrinkle reduction are compared to tretinoin-Retin A®. CoQ10 is a second collagen activator and wrinkle reducer in this product. The two compounds act synergistically to increase collagen and elastin while reducing wrinkles.

An additional added benefit of the tretinoin-Retin A is the removal of age spots and renewal of crepe-like skin. This product is great on the face and neck at half strength and full strength for on the hands, decollete’ and other thicker skin areas is recommended. Common problem areas for crepe-like skin are above knees, inner thighs, buttock creases, hands, arms, neck, face, breast and decollete’.

This product increases cell turnover to unclog and reduce pores and restore texture and smoothness.

Aphrodite Face/Body Lotion® has a beautiful lemon scent.

before and after 4 months

Final comments: These products can cause redness if overused. Decrease dosing if this is not wanted. However, the redness is a sign that the skin is exfoliating and renewing. Retinol is not Retin A® . Most people lack an enzyme in the skin, and can not convert Retinol to Retin A. Retin A® is the gold standard.