Argireline®/Leuphasyl Cream (.5%/.5%), Topical


Immediate results to relax skin to smooth texture and reduce wrinkle-depth and fine lines. Two similar peptides working together for maximum effects. Extends life of Botox®.

30 ml

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notes: Argireline®/Leuphasyl immediate wrinkle relaxer are two compounds with structures that are exact copies of the active part of Botox®. They are small and easily penetrate skin to relax fine lines and wrinkles but not the muscle. The effect is smoother skin with better texture.

This product is what you see shops applying to one side of your face , have you wait 20 minutes, and voila’: no wrinkles.

Because it relaxes the skin, it extends the life of your Botox® (it does not have to work as hard, so it works longer).

after 20 minutes