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Bimix ED injectable 30mg/3mg/ml Erection Injectable SUPER SIZED- Doses 10-30 from 10ml)-GET $20 OFF 2ND VIAL



Bimix is an injection taken directly into the penis. This drug makes the blood vessels expand to help men with erectile dysfunction (ED) to have erections. While some men respond well to oral ED treatments such as Sildenafil (Viagra) or Tadalafil (Cialis), many do not respond or become non-responsive.  In those cases, sterile compounded injectable mediations can reliably be used to treat Erectile Dysfunction.  This is commonly used in the male performance industry.

While a penile injection may sound intimidating or even painful, the truth is the treatment involves very little discomfort and is an easy, predictable, and very effective way to treat ED. Use before foreplay. Instructional videos are freely available on youtube.

It does not have to be refrigerated, and does not have ache or pain associated with the erection. It is designed to be sterilely injected into the shaft of the penis to give an erection.  Syringes and needles are provided

The injectable combination Chub Chub® Bimix has both Papaverine 30mg/ml and Phentolamine 3mg/ml is used to treat ED with nearly no side-effects.  It does not need to be refrigerated.

Injectable Ingredients – How they work

1. Papaverine is a smooth muscle relaxant and vasodilator. This allows additional blood flow into the penis for fullness and thickness.

2. Phentolamine provokes a response that holds the blood into the penis for sustained erection duration.

Injectable ED Medications Vie Offers

  • BiMix: A combination of ingredients 1 and 2 (Papaverine and Phentolamine) for full and thick erections. Does not need refrigeration
  • Alprostadil/PGE1 giving fullness, thickness and extra hardness. Needs refrigeration
  • Trimix: A highly concentrated version of all three ingredients.
  • 10 ml of each product is delivered with each order!  This large quantity provides you with convenience and cost savings.
  • 30 syringes included
  • All of our ED injectables are cold shipped overnight once dispensed from the pharmacy.
  • Bimix does not need refrigeration.
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Product Details

Bimix ED injectable for erectile dysfunction is used to reliable give a very full erection.  Most men will like this as is, and this combination does not cause erection pain like the Alprostadil ED medicine.  Others who would like extra hardness use Alprostadil alone or Trimix ED injection.

Available from Vie, the Rescue Kit has a second injection to relieve hardness and also has proper supplies for sterile self drainage if needed. This can be used by the patient or taken to an Emergency Room. We recommend consultation with a urologist for the first injections.

Please view images and videos are available on Youtube® to learn injection technique. Cut and paste this url into your browser We recommend consultation with a urologist for the first injections.