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Clomiphine, Natural Male Testosterone Booster (50 mg), Oral


60 tablets

Rx: Clomiphine 50 mg tablet taken every other day increases internal testosterone production by blocking negative feedback to the pituitary. Great way to increase testosterone by stimulating natural production. No testosterone level checking needed. 5 month supply. See Testosterone level questionnaire at more information.

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notes: Clomiphene is a good product to reliably increase testosterone levels and blood levels checks are not required. It works at the level of the hypothalamus to stimulate the production of Leutenizing Hormone which acts on the testes to produce testosterone and sperm. This method of boosting testosterone may help avoid the adverse effects of testosterone replacement to include male pattern baldness, rage and personality change, infertility,and shrunken genitals.

Dosing by Vie’s protocol has been shown to increase testosterone levels by approximately 300 ug/dl. Clomiphene is often used in testosterone replacement to turn the body’s own natural testosterone production back on.

A great tool to determine “low T” is the ADAM symptom checker below:

Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male: Predictor of Testosterone

  1. Y / N age over 30?
  2. Y / N libido decreasing ?
  3. Y / N energy low?
  4. Y / N strength / endurance less ?
  5. Y / N height loss?
  6. Y / N enjoy life less?
  7. Y / N sad or grumpy?
  8. Y / N erections weak?
  9. Y / N sports performance less?
  10. Y / N sleeping after dinner?
  11. Y / N work deterioration?

Yes to number 1,2, or 8 or Yes to more than 3 questions, means you likely have decreased Testosterone.