DHEA micronized 100 mg capsule for Women’s Testosterone ($1.35 per capsule best price)



When you give DHEA it restores testosterone to normal 20 year old female levels and it naturally balances estrogen as well. Micronized DHEA is 3 to 4 times better absorbed than non-micronized. Micronization means that the individual particles of DHEA have been reduced to very small size. DHEA is not effective in men.  Refer to the women’s testosterone symptom check under “more information” to see if you are low testosterone!

  • precursor for female testosterone
  • our micronized formulation is the only form utilized by the body
  • we provide the reliable dose and schedule
  • our protocol safely increases a women’s testosterone to age 20 levels


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Y/N 1. decreased libido

Y/N 2. decreased sexual satisfaction

Y/N 3. depression

Y/N 4. unable to build muscle

Y/N 5. low energy or motivation

Y/N 6. stress intolerance or irritability

Y/N 7. insulin resistance

Y/N 8. weight gain

Y/N 9. slow metabolism

three or more yes responses = low testosterone