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DHEA (100 mg), Micronized Capsule



Precursor and booster of testosterone. Builds muscle with little side-effects.
30 capsules

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Product Details

notes: DHEA by Vie is in the micronized form to insure absorption and effectiveness. DHEA when taken orally by women will allow the make more testosterone and more estrogen. It is a good way for women to increase testosterone to build muscle and decrease fat. Rarely, women taking DHEA will see testosterone side effects of hair loss, facial hair, and acne. Still they should be aware it can happen. The hair loss may not be reversible.

DHEA taken by men has a small effect on male testosterone levels. Rarely do the estrogen increases associated with DHEA sometimes require balancing with progesterone – see Vie’s progesterone and the Womens Hormone Balance Symptom Checker under “more information” to see if you need to supplement progesterone.

Human clinical studies have not shown problems with DHEA and estrogen responsive breast, cervical , or uterine cancer. If a woman has had breast, cervical, or uterine cancer, she should consult her oncologist and PCP/GYN before taking DHEA.

Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male: Predictor of Testosterone

  1. Y / N age over 30?
  2. Y / N libido decreasing ?
  3. Y / N energy low?
  4. Y / N strength / endurance less ?
  5. Y / N height loss?
  6. Y / N enjoy life less?
  7. Y / N sad or grumpy?
  8. Y / N erections weak?
  9. Y / N sports performance less?
  10. Y / N sleeping after dinner?
  11. Y / N work deterioration?

Yes to number 1,2, or 8 or Yes to more than 3 questions, means you likely have decreased Testosterone.