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Estrogen (estradiol)/Progesterone (5mg/25mg) Vaginal suppository



This suppository contains the female hormones estrogen (estradiol) with progesterone.  This estradiol with progesterone suppository is used by women to help treat symptoms of menopause.  These symptoms include vaginal dryness, vaginal pain during intercourse and irritation. These symptoms are caused by the body making less estrogen. When treating only vaginal symptoms of menopause, products applied directly inside the vagina (such as this medication) should be used first. Estrogens that are taken by mouth, absorbed through the skin, or injected may have greater risks of side effects due to more estrogen being absorbed.

Progesterone is added to the suppository to keep you balanced and to reduce estrogen dominance to keep you in harmony.  Products that only contain estrogen are at risk of causing estrogen dominance symptoms such as hair loss and weight gain (see balance checker below).

This insert has the ability to increase wetness and restore the texture and function of the vaginal tissues.  Estrogen decreases in all women after age 33.  This suppository may be applied to increase desire for sexual intercourse.  Menopausal patients use for treating symptoms and correction of vaginal thinning and loss of roughness. Reconstructive surgeons regularly prescribe vaginal estrogen to rebuild and strengthen the vaginal tissues prior to working on them.

The very low-dose of estrogen in this suppository has been shown to be safe in numerous women studies. The estrogen is applied, absorbed, and used right where it is needed. Any systemic pour- over is low and short lived.

  • use regularly in for women in menopause
  • use in women over 33 to increase sexual desire and responsiveness
  • safest and most effective route of administration is with the vaginal insert
  • The estrogen is in the lowest safe dose (no increase medical risk for long-term use)

Topically inserted estrogen is the most successful vaginal rejuvenator for all women. This corrects age-related vaginal smoothing, thinning and loss of vaginal support to re-establish youthful thickness, elasticity, and lubrication to the walls and the supporting structures of the vagina.  This estradiol with progesterone will reduce the following symptoms while keeping your hormones balanced:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Irritation
  • Itching in and around the vagina
  • Painful urination

Because of the scare of estrogen related cancer, any women with history of breast, cervical, or uterine cancer should have detailed face to face discussions with their PCP/GYN for low dose vaginal suppositories or any other estrogen treatment.

This item is two-day cold shipped from the pharmacy. Although our inserts keep in room-temperature, we recommend that you store in the refrigerator.

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