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GHK-Cu foam (5 mg/ml), Nasal Spray


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Temporarily not available: Awaiting FDA rule updates. Copper peptide thickens hair and encourages growth while decreasing loss. It blocks the DHT found in our scalp (the #1 culprit to hair loss), stimulates blood flow to support the follicles, and prolongs the growth cycle of hairs. It is also great for skin collagen and elastin growth thru deep penetration of this tiny copper signaling peptide.

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notes: GHK-Cu Foam for hair is the notorious copper tripeptide used to increase thickness of existing hair and stimulates growth in hair deficient areas at a rate similar to minoxidil in some human studies. It is used in numerous hair transplant operations to increase hair. This product is clean and easy to apply with no side effects. It does not have the headache side effect associated with minoxidil.

OMG. This amazing three AA copper tri-peptide has soooo-many great benefits. Vie has it in injectable and nasal spray formulations for systemic benefits as well as a topical foam for skin (collagen growth like Retin A® and hair growth/thickness benefits.

Benefits of GHK-Cu (re: Dr. Pickart studies, University of California, 2015): accelerates healing of skin, bone, hair follicles, GI tract and wounds; stimulates synthesis of collagen and breakdown of scars; restores replication ability to fibroblasts after radiation treatment; attracts immune and endothelial cells to sites of injury and repair; capable of up regulating or down regulating at least 4000 human genes ; capable of resetting DNA to a healthier state; Hair- strengthens existing hair and stimulates growth in areas that are lacking; Skin results at 12 weeks of twice daily application- tightens loose skin, improves elasticity, density, firmness, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, reduces photo damage, and reduces hyper pigmentation. It is proposed to be therapeutic for skin inflammation, COPD (fibroblast regeneration ) , and metastatic colon cancer. A GHK-Cu gel has been shown to close diabetic ulcers from 60% to 98.5%. Resolution of infection and healing time has been shown to be up to 3X faster with GHK-Cu. It has been shown useful for anti-pain and anti-anxiety needs.

Dr. Loren Pickart and his wife Charlene isolated GHK-Cu from human plasma in 1975. They noticed that liver cells from 60-80 year old patients had high levels of fibrosis and were non- productive. However, when they bathed the old cells in young blood, the cells started functioning again like young liver cells.
The factor responsible for this transformation was GHK-Cu. It was hailed as being able to modulate genes to a healthy state. This lends its use to cosmetics and anti-aging.

Its small size (3 amino acids) allows it to pass through the tight keratin on the skin and get to the dermis to stimulate collagen growth.