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HCG for Boosting Testosterone (5ml / 100 doses), Injectable


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5 ml

This HCG 4000IU/ml sterile for injection dosed according to prescription should boost male testosterone production by stimulation of natural pathways. Great way to increase testosterone and preserve natural testosterone making capability. No testosterone level checking needed. Approximately 7 month supply (5 ml). See Testosterone level questionnaire below for more information.

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notes: HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a good product to reliably increase testosterone levels and blood levels checks are not required. Dosing by Vie’s protocol has been shown to increase testosterone levels by 200 ug/dl. This method of boosting testosterone may help avoid the adverse effects of Testosterone replacement to include male pattern baldness, rage and personality change, infertility,and shrunken genitals.

HCG is present in men and women (levels of .02 – .8 iu/Liter) and declines with age. It increases tremendously in pregnant women and is used as a marker for pregnancy.

When HCG is administered to men, it acts as Leutenizing Hormone to turn on testosterone and sperm production in the testes. HCG is often used in testosterone replacement to turn the body’s own natural testosterone production back on.

A great tool to determine “low T” is the ADAM symptom checker below:

Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male: Predictor of Testosterone

  1. Y / N age over 30?
  2. Y / N libido decreasing ?
  3. Y / N energy low?
  4. Y / N strength / endurance less ?
  5. Y / N height loss?
  6. Y / N enjoy life less?
  7. Y / N sad or grumpy?
  8. Y / N erections weak?
  9. Y / N sports performance less?
  10. Y / N sleeping after dinner?
  11. Y / N work deterioration?

Yes to number 1,2, or 8 or Yes to more than 3 questions, means you likely have decreased Testosterone.

HCG Diet Program

FDA STATEMENT: HCG does not work for obesity and dieting.

Vie does not promote HCG for weight loss. However, many people report good weight loss with 30 day cycles of HCG at 125-200 ug injected daily along with diet and exercise. HCG may boost T3 levels and leptin.

This product is not FDA approved and therefore outside of clinical use, but substantial information is available on its role in clinical observational trials. Growth Hormone was not FDA approved in its initial use but just received FDA approval for use in anti-aging medicine