syringe into a bottle
lidocaine syringe into a bottle

1% Plain Lidocaine (10 cc), Injectable


Mixed with Alprostadil containing erection medicines to decrease ache and discomfort. Does not numb the penis.

10 cc per vial

There is a side effect of erection pain/ache that comes to some men with erection injection treatments. For this reason, we recommend that men using alprostadil – Mr Dependable® or TopOne® Trimix, to mix the injection with and equal amount of 1% plain lidocaine.

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notes: 1% Plain Lidocaine is mixed with injectable alprostadil or trimix to reduce pain with the erection. It is injected intracavernously with the other alprostadil containing medicine. It does not cause numbness of the outside of the penis.

This is Vie’s secret ingredient to help you experience the wonderful hard erection from alprostadil without the erection pain or ache.