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malibu pill / PT141 injectable a woman in a bikini walks a beach holding a coconut and a handbag, a large hat on her head

Malibu Pill® Melanotan I Injectable/Nasal Spray (5 ml = at least 50 doses)


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This product is not available for orders from MAINE, WEST VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI, LOUISIANA, ARKANSAS, TEXAS, and KANSAS. Injectables are not available for sale in California.

Temporarily not available: Awaiting FDA rule updates. The History of The Malibu Pill: At the University of Arizona, The Malibu Pill (Melanotan II) was developed by copying our bodies alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, and it worked wonderfully as a sunless tanning agent. Additionally, it promoted an increased libido in both women and men, as well as decreased appetite. Vie trademarked the phrase “tan, thin, hotter than hell” to describe its effects.

Having the largest number of sunny days per year and the highest instances of skin cancer in the world, Australia took over research on Melanotan II. Studies there have conclusively shown it to help protect light skinned persons from skin cancer because dark skin resists sun damage. The libido portion has been isolated and it is called Bremelanotide PT-141. Both the Malibu Pill and Bremelanotide PT-141 have been prescribed by Australian doctors for quite some time, and they are now available through Vie using FDA certified pharmacies in the U.S.

  • Yes! sunless tanning
  • Yes! appetite suppressant
  • Yes! libido enhancement
  • for women and men
  • . . . tan, thin, hotter than hell
  • U.S. Pharmaceutical grade and purity
  • subcutaneous administration, mixing supplies included
  • usage protocols are sent on receipt of order
  • mixing supplies included

Needles and syringes included.

5 ml (50 doses)

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Product Details

Yes, you can be “tan, thin, hotter than hell®” with this product. Available to inject or spray nasally. The Malibu Pill® is the tanning half of melanotan II plus the appetite decreasing effects with some of the PT-141 (FDA approved!) arousal and libido effects. Dosing protocol is with the prescription. Doctor’s review (consult), syringes and needles are included with prescription. Spraying the dose to the nasal mucosa with no injection is an effective method of delivery.