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Melanotan I Injectable (2mg/ml)


The tanning part of Melanotan II. Tan darker with minimal sun exposure. Still carries some libido enhancement and appetite suppressing characteristics. “tan, thin, hotter than hell ®” Used in Australia to enhance tanning and prevent sun damage. Please note that this product will darken moles and make some previously invisible moles appear. This effect usually goes away with stopping use of this product.

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5 ml ( 50doses)

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Product Details

Melanotan II was developed by the University of Arizona as a tanning agent. It was found to have tanning capabilities as well as libido enhancing, and appetite control properties. An Australian company purchased the rights to Melanotan II. They separated the compound Melanotan II into two separate compounds: Melanotan I which has mostly tanning properties with some appetite control and libido enhancement and PT-141 which has mainly libido enhancement with some appetite control and tanning properties. Melanotan I is available as an injectable peptide or a nasal spray. PT- 141 has become an FDA approved drug for libido enhancement and is available as an injectable form and a nasal spray. No oral formulations for these two products work at this time. Melanotan II is currently not allowed even with a prescription per new (2020) FDA guidelines.