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Met-Enkephalin (10 mg Freeze-dried Vial), Injectable


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Temporarily not available: Awaiting FDA rule updates. Met-Enkephalin is a naturally occurring endogenous neuropeptide that is 5 amino acids long. It is used for its generalized non-narcotic and non-addictive pain control as well as for its ability to inhibit solid tumor growth and metastases. You receive enough for one dose that lasts a week. Suggested dosing is one weekly dose for up to 4 weeks every 4 months.

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notes: Met-enkephalin is a naturally occurring, endogenous opioid penta-peptide. It can be used for rapid and short term pain control. Additionally, it has been useful for the activation of immune cells, as well as inhibition of cancer cells in difficult cancers such as non-resectable advanced pancreatic, breast, lung, and colon cancer.

Vie desires to help you boost your immune system to hopefully stop cancers from starting. Of course,if you have a cancer diagnosis, discussion with your oncologist about this therapy is a must.