Metformin HCl (500 mg), Oral


Improves glucose utilization and lowers insulin. Shown to have life extending and anti-cancer effects in many clinical studies.

30 tablets

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notes: In his book Lifespan Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To, and on the Joe Rogan show, Harvard’s leading anti-aging expert, David Sinclair, PhD recommends that Metformin, NMN, and Resveritrol be taken as the best anti-aging strategy.

Metformin increases glucose uptake into the cell and decreases insulin spikes making it advantageous to take before a high carbohydrate meal and avoid its bad effects. Along with the better insulin sensitivity, metformin is believed to help with anti- aging by being cytotoxic to cancer cells, antineoplastic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. These combined features decrease overall disease.