Mr. Dependable® Alprostadil (60mcg/ml), Injectable


Injectables are not available for sale in California.

The dependable gold standard for reliability and rigidity. Syringes and needles included. Please consider ordering our 1% lidocaine for mixing and eliminating any ache or discomfort from the alprostadil.

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notes: Mr Dependable® injectable is the gold standard for reliable and rigid erections. It is designed to be sterilely injected into the shaft of the penis to give a very hard erection. It does have to be refrigerated, and gives men a very hard erection.

There is one side effect of erection pain that comes to some men with this treatment. For this reason, we recommend that men using alprostadil, mix the injection with and equal amount of plain lidocaine (available from Vie).

Available from Vie, the Rescue Kit has proper supplies for sterile self drainage. This can be used by the patient or taken to an Emergency Room.
Please look at the images and Youtube® video below to learn injection technique. We recommend consultation with a urologist for the first injections.

injecting into the penis

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