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NAD+ 200mg/ml, SUPER-SIZED 10ml Injectable (Doses 80)


NAD+ home injections. Supersized vial with syringes for anti-aging subcutaneous injections at home for lifespan.

NAD+ is the second most popular cofactor in the human body. Anti-aging therapies becoming more mainstream as aging is now more often being viewed as  a disease. Now that this transition is happening, the ability for NAD+ to activate PARPS, Sirtuins, and help with immune dysregulation has been thoroughly investigated and NAD+ and its precursors have been highly popularized. 

The clinical importance of maintaining cellular NAD+ levels was established early in the last century with the finding that pellagra, a disease characterized by diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia and death, could be cured with foods containing the  NAD+ precursor niacin. Additionally, cellular concentrations of NAD+ have been shown to decrease under conditions of increased oxidative damage such as occur during aging  

Altered levels of NAD+ have been found to accompany several disorders associated with increased oxidative/free radical damage including diabetes, heart  disease, age-related vascular dysfunction, ischemic brain injury, misfolded neuronal proteins, and Alzheimer’s dementia . 

Interventions targeted at restoring NAD+ have been shown in animal models to support healthy aging and improve metabolic function, and dementia as well. 

  • NAD+ restores energy and functioning of mitochondria to wake up all your old cells.
  • Activates Sirtuins for slowing ageing as written in the National Library of Medicine
  • This product is only absorbed with injection. NAD and NMN capsules or pills just do not get absorbed through the stomach.
  • Each dose is 25mg of NAD+ but Vie recommends beginning dosing at half this amount for 2 weeks.
  • This item is two-day cold-shipped once dispensed from the pharmacy.
  • 80 syringes included
  • Although our injectables keep in room-temperature, we recommend that you store in the refrigerator.
  • Includes Instructions on how to give a subcutaneous injection


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Product Details

Injectable pre-mixed NAD+ turns on every cell to work like it is young again. Doctor consult, syringes, and needles are included with each order. Dosing is daily for 90 days and then take at least two weeks off. It takes two weeks of daily replacement to restore mitochondria energy to youthful levels. Anti-aging experts uniformly agree that NAD+ replacement is safe and restores youthful cell functioning in the skin, muscles, organs, and especially the brain. This is part of a “total” anti-aging program, as recommended by Harvard PhD, David A. Sinclair in his book “Lifespan”. The other recommended anti-aging products are Metformin (available from for disease suppression and glucose management, and Resveritrol which is available over the counter.