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NAD+ Injectable (20 doses)


NAD+ restores energy and functioning of mitochondria (powerhouse of each cell). This product only is absorbed through injection. NAD and NMN capsules or pills just don’t work.

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Injectable NAD+ turns on every cell to work like it is young again. Doctor consult, mixing supplies, syringes, and needles are included with each order. Dosing is daily for up to three weeks on and then at least a week off. It takes two weeks of daily replacement to restore mitochondria energy to youthful levels. Anti-aging experts uniformly agree that NAD+ replacement is safe and restores youthful cell functioning in the skin, muscles, organs, and especially the brain. As part of a “total” anti-aging program, metformin (available from vieproducts.com) supplementation is recommended for disease suppression and glucose management, and resveritrol (red and grape wine) (available over the counter as an anti-inflammatory and super strong anti-oxidant) supplements daily are recommended along with NAD+ injection.