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The Love Hormone® Oxytocin oral dissolving troches (30 troches = 30 doses of 40 iu each)


12 troches (12-24 doses)

Ocytocin is The Love Hormone®. It increases bonding and trust between lovers for a lasting relationship. Other great effects of oxytocin are waking up of aged muscles to respond to exercise, less feelings of isolation, and decreased stress related eating.

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Notes: The Love Hormone® in a convenient oral dissolving troche. The oral dissolving and absorption allows the oxytocin to go directly to the blood stream for quick and maximum effectiveness.

Oxytocin is released on orgasm and during breast feeding to promote bonding. Taken before sex, it enhances the trust and bonding of the partners for a lasting relationship. Oxytocin is an FDA approved drug for the stimulation of the birthing process.

Historical studies of parabiosis (connecting the circulatory systems of young to old) showed that age related muscle atrophy was reversed. The agent in blood mainly responsible for activation of the old muscle to act new was oxytocin. Recent studies in humans confirm this effect of oxytocin. Others show oxytocin to be great at decreasing stress related eating, decreasing suicidal thoughts, and in assisting weight loss.

Curious Fact:

Around 15 years ago, reports began to emerge that taking blood from young mice and giving it to old mice seemed to dial back the clock on aging for the elderly rodents. The older mice showed signs of regenerating brain, muscle, and other tissues and boosting cognitive and physical performance. After the release of the 2005 study and other work showing that young blood could seemingly rejuvenate old mice, scientists and the public alike seized on the alluring notion of an elixir of youth. In 2017, the Monterey, California–based start-up Ambrosia began selling transfusions of young plasma—the liquid component of blood—for $8,000 per liter.

The Fountain of Youth: A Tale of Parabiosis, Stem Cells, and Rejuvenation

Massimo Conese,*,1 Annalucia Carbone,2 Elisa Beccia,2,3 and Antonella Angiolillo 3

In brief, it is not doubted that young blood renews old mice. The compound isolated to awaken old muscle is oxytocin.


Oxytocin, from the Greek words meaning “swift birth”, is best known for its roles in reproduction. However, besides these hormonal effects, oxytocin is also released directly into the brain under certain stimuli such as touch, where it functions as a neurotransmitter, modulating a diverse set of human behaviors and interactions. Oxytocin has other benefits including mood relief, anxiety reduction, improvements in mental and physical health, and reduction of stress-related hormone cortisol. Lastly, Oxytocin has been shown to enhance libido, arousal and sexual climax in men and women.