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SUPER STRENGTH Oxytocin The Love Hormone® 800iu Oral dissolving troches (Quantity 30, Doses 30-240)


The Love Hormone® is Oxytocin for treatment of low libido in men and females.  Oxytocin also improves orgasms and increases orgasms in intensity and frequently thus making sex more gratifying.  Oxytocin levels are elevated during sexual arousal, skin to skin contact, and orgasm creating the feeling of love. Due to this, research has been conducted and shown that exogenous administration of Oxytocin can improve libido, orgasms and sexual pleasure.

This Super Strength 800iu Oxytocin is the maximum concentration available.  The Love Hormone® is Oxytocin.

Imagine feeling that bonding and closeness by taking Vie’s formulation before foreplay. The whole sexual experience is more intimate, intense and satisfying with Oxytocin.  Oxytocin combined with Apomorphine is the closest to natural ecstasy.


  • increases bonding/desire between lovers
  • increases sex satisfaction, closeness, and caring
  • duration of good sex is extended
  • most efficacious when administered through the nose
  • Vie recommends using right before sex
  • for women and men, and heightens their libido too!
  • Oxytocin is effective at decreasing stress related eating, decreasing suicidal thoughts, and in assisting weight loss.
  • Desired actions are supported with valid clinical studies and tested on us.   
  • The troches maybe easily halved or quartered up to 120 doses
  • Staff has successfully cut the troches into 8ths for 240x100iu doses
  • This item is two-day cold-shipped once dispensed from the pharmacy
  • Although our troches keep in room-temperature, we recommend that you store in the refrigerator.

Vie offers Oxytocin in 100iu troches and in nasal spray.   Also Oxytocin is available with 25mg of sildenafil and 10mg tadalafil troches.

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a sexy police woman

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Product Details

The Love Hormone® in a convenient oral dissolving troche. The oral dissolving and absorption allows the oxytocin to go directly to the blood stream for quick and maximum effectiveness.

Oxytocin is released on orgasm and during breast feeding to promote bonding. Taken before sex, it enhances the trust and bonding of the partners for a lasting relationship. Oxytocin is an FDA approved drug for the stimulation of the birthing process.

Historical studies of parabiosis (connecting the circulatory systems of young to old) showed that age related muscle atrophy was reversed. The agent in blood mainly responsible for activation of the old muscle to act new was oxytocin. Recent studies in humans confirm this effect of oxytocin.

Curious Fact:

Around 15 years ago, reports began to emerge that taking blood from young mice and giving it to old mice seemed to dial back the clock on aging for the elderly rodents. The older mice showed signs of regenerating brain, muscle, and other tissues and boosting cognitive and physical performance. After the release of the 2005 study and other work showing that young blood could seemingly rejuvenate old mice, scientists and the public alike seized on the alluring notion of an elixir of youth.


Why orally dissolving troches?   These deliver the medicine directly through the oral mucosa to the blood stream.   This avoids the high doses needed when swallowing medicine, to absorb through  the stomach and then go thru the metabolism of the liver – first pass effect, before entering your system.   Troches allow direct system delivery for  faster , more predictable results , without the bad side effects of too much medicine.