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Oxytocin The Love Hormone® ( 40 IU troche), Oral


Increase bonding and great feelings about your partner and intimacy. Easily taken orally dissolving troche. For men, women, and couples. Works in 10 minutes. 15 orally dissolving troches (strawberry flavor). Clinical studies show this medicine wakes up old muscle to respond to exercise; helps eliminate very depressive thoughts; helps with impulsive eating control.

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Oxytocin, from the Greek words meaning “swift birth”, is best known for its roles in reproduction. However, besides these hormonal effects, oxytocin is also released directly into the brain under certain stimuli such as touch, where it functions as a neurotransmitter, modulating a diverse set of human behaviors and interactions. Oxytocin has other benefits including mood relief, anxiety reduction, improvements in mental and physical health, and reduction of stress-related hormone cortisol. Lastly, Oxytocin has been shown to enhance libido, arousal and sexual climax in men and women.