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Pentosan Polysulfate for Relief of Back Pain, Osteoarthritis, and Arthritis 40mg/0.1ml, 12ml Nasal Spray (Doses 30)


Pentosan polysulfate gives pain relief to back pain, Osteoarthritis and Arthritis.  It is considered a DMOAD (Disease Modifying OsteoArthritis Drug).  In a study of 20 elderly patients with moderate arthritic knee pain, they received an injection per week for 6 weeks. Relief of symptoms was very quick. After these injections pain relief and good motion amazingly lasted for a full year. In Australia, a study of 114 patients (young and old) with severe arthritis, received a weekly injection for 4 weeks. Their range of motion and pain decreases were still significantly improved 20 weeks after cessation of therapy. Also, in Australia, it is often given to horses before intense training and competitions to lessen post-competition issues with pain and recovery.

Pentosan polysulfate is a semi-synthetic polysulfated xylan used for the relief of Osteoarthritis. The mechanism of PPS action in osteoarthritis is multifactorial, with both stimulation of cartilage matrix synthesis and prevention of cartilage breakdown. There are also systemic effects on blood lipid and fibrinolysis that may help clear the subchondral circulation.

FDA approved for back pain and anti-inflamation.


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Product Details

FDA approved in 1996 for decreasing bladder pain from cystitis. It has some effects similar to LMWH so it is contraindicated in patients on blood thinners, history of stroke, ulcers, aneurysms, and liver disease. In multiple human studies, it is showing great promise to decrease arthritic pain and decreased motion.

References: “Sodium pentosan polysulfate resulted in cartilage improvement in knee osteoarthritis – An open clinical trial.”“Effects of pentosan polysulfate in osteoarthritis of the knee. A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled pilot study.