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Norethindrone Period Blocker® 5mg oral ($2.80 per tablet best price)



Norethindrone Period Blocker® is Vie’s prescription protocol to effectively delay your period. This method has been shown to be the MOST reliable and predictable. You may delay your period for up to 10 days. The only side-effect is a feeling of fullness in the pelvis, as you are holding your cycle just before the period. We do recommend you try this at a non-essential time just to familiarize with how your body reacts to this therapy.

YES! You can safely delay your period by taking this medicine.

This therapy does not constitute birth control during its use. You still must use a condom. If you do not use condoms, an alternate method to maintain birth control is to start a day 1 birth control pill pack and continue it straight on through the period blocking therapy.

  • may be taken for 1 – 10 days
  • keeps that special date on schedule!
  • norethindrone is the active ingredient
  • if any side effect, it would be pelvic fullness
  • Vie has the correct dosing

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