a woman bends over provocatively, wearing a sailor's hat
pink again a woman bends over provocatively, wearing a sailor's hat

Pink Again® Anal Bleach, Topical



Often referred to as anal bleach. Pink Again restores a youthful color to give confidence when focus is directed to personal areas. These areas darken with age, child bearing, wine, coffee and tea consumption. Vie’s creamy and thick formulation stays in place. It is of the highest concentrations to enable fast, safe and predictable results. Pink Again’s formulation is superior to what is available at spas. Vie offers a product that can be used on your schedule and in the privacy of your home, car, or office.

  • topical anal bleach
  • intimate area lightener – labia, anus, nipples, penis, inner thighs, underarms, and scrotum
  • get that pink fresh look you desire
  • highest concentrations enable the fastest results
  • highest strength that is safe to use
  • the best lighteners that work – hydroquinone
  • on your schedule and your privacy
  • for women and men of any skin tone
  • no preservatives, colors, dyes, or perfumes
  • usage protocols are sent on receipt of order
  • Pink Again@ is patent applied for
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Product Details

notes: Pink Again® is Vie’s fast acting “anal bleach”. It can be used externally on any area of skin darkening – labia, anus, penis, testicles, nipples, axilla, cheeks, hands, age spots, etc. Strength is the highest offered anywhere – safe and even stronger than salon or clinic applied products. Yet, you do it in your own home- in private. It contains the two best bleaching agents: Hydroquinone. This product is for sensitive skin and does not contain tretinoin-Retin A®(the last of the three best lighteners) which is added to Vie’s Ultimate Dark Spot Remover®.

Vie’s prescription protocol for Pink Again® includes instruction to get results most quickly.

The hydroquinone sourced by Vie’s pharmacy is from the U.S.and does not have mercury contamination found in other hydroquinone. The high dose of hydroquinone are great for results and do not cause systemic side effects. Past studies on hydroquinone gave genetically kidney problem rats oral hydroquinone at a dose 80 times greater than any large topical dose ! Warnings for kidney issues are unfounded and unsupported.

Hydroquinone 10%