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progesterone capsules a woman with a purple bowling ball reveals her backside, wearing 1577 as a number on her back

Progesterone, Oral


  • essential for women’s hormone balance
  • most over 33 years old lack this and get weight gain, sadness, heavy periods, and hair loss
  • many teens and younger women need it too
  • Vie’s formulation provides pharmaceutical grade, predictable absorption, sustained release
  • please refer to Symptom Checker under product details to see if you need progesterone!

There is a prevalence of estrogen mimicking substances in our environment. These come from but not limited to plastic food and drink containers, soy, and excess body fat. Nearly every woman has a need for supplemental progesterone to balance their estrogen and estrogen related symptoms.

Use the Women’s Hormone Balance Symptom Checker at “more information” to continually determine your progesterone needs.

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notes: Progesterone for womens hormone balance is essential. Most women’s hormone balance issues require progesterone and nothing else. Vie’s progesterone is bioidentical to match what is deficient and not give side-effects. To determine if you need progesterone, use the symptom checker below. This is Vie’s improved version adapted from Dr. John Lee’s extensive work.

Very few women require systemic estrogen replacement (this is due to estrogens in food, plastics, and made by fat tissue). Many menopausal women can benefit from a balanced low dose estrogen + progesterone suppository such as Vie’s Make Me Wet® to improve the wetness and quality of the vaginal tissues. If there is a history of breast, uterine, or cervical cancer, women must have face to face consults with their oncologist and PCP/GYN before considering any estrogen or DHEA. DHEA is an estrogen/ testosterone precursor. If you are feeling your estrogen or testosterone is too low, consider taking DHEA. Your body will direct estrogen/testosterone manufacture as needed.


estrogen dominance chart

women's hormone balance checker chart

Most women are need progesterone. Age less than 25 need is usually 50 mg a day. Age less than 45, need is 100 mg a day. After menopause, need is 100-200 mg a day. See the Women’s Hormone Balance Symptom Checker. Most women need progesterone to compensate for low progesterone or to balance excess estrogen. Women’s hormone balance is that straight forward. The prescription with each order has the schedule for you to follow to mimic your natural hormone ratios through the month.