nasal spray

PT-141 (10,000mcg/ml), Nasal Spray


This product is not available for orders from MAINE, WEST VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI, LOUISIANA, ARKANSAS, TEXAS, and KANSAS. Injectables are not available for sale in California.

Great long lasting libido (desire-yes) boost for men and women. Take a spray or two 1/2 hour before romance.

1ml (10 sprays)

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Product Details

notes: PT-141 is recently FDA approved medication to increase libido. It works for men and women. Vie believes it to be the most potent and reliable aphrodisiac available.

Vie has developed this nasal spray formulation for those that do not like needles. There is no pill form of this medicine that works.

We do notice some tanning associated with using this product. As with the Malibu Pill®, there can be significant nausea . It is for this reason, that Vie’s prescription protocol must be followed to obtain the great libido results without the nausea. We do find that use often promotes excess stomach acid that is easily treated with a product like Tums®,

Bremelanotide (PT 141)

Bremelanotide is a peptide used as a treatment for sexual dysfunction in both men and women. In men it can induce erections and restore erectile function. In women it can influence clitoral and labial arousal and desire. a treatment alternative for individuals who can’t tolerate other treatments well or
for men who do not respond to other treatments such as sildenafil and tadalafil, which can lose their effectiveness over time.

NOT DEPENDANT ON SEXUAL STIMULATION – Many treatment options such as sildenafil and tadalafil require sexual stimulation to be effective, which can
cause confidence issues. Bremelanotide will initiate male or female genital arousal and central desire without the need for sexual stimulation.

EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL ED – Research has shown that synthetic melanotropic peptides can initiate arousal and desire in men and
women with psychogenic dysfunction caused by predominantly psychological versus physiologic causes.

About Bremelanotide

Bremelanotide, also known as PT-141, belongs to a newer class of drugs called melanocortins, which work on the brain neurotransmitter dopamine, increasing sexual desire.

Bremelanotide activates the hypothalamic and limbic emotional structures in the brain, which naturally flare during sexual arousal.

Specifically, Bremelanotide works at the pre-optic nucleus, which is essential for blood flow to the penis and vulva. The mechanism of action of Bremelanotide involves helping to activate internal pathways in the brain involved in the body’s normal sexual responses.

Bremelanotide has been studied in more than 30 clinical trials with over 2,500 people with positive outcomes for both men and women.

Side Effects

Most often there is a flushing sensation and temporary abdominal cramping that both dissipate within several minutes. The libido increases about 2 to 6 hours after injections with a peak at around 8-12 hours and can last up to 72 hours. Combining this with a PDE-5 medication (Viagra®, Cialis®) may be a successful combination,but should only be done when your medical provider is aware of your condition and medication use.

There is a risk for priapism (prolonged erection) with the use of this injection with or without other medications. We have noticed that PT-141 does promote tanning, but not to the extent of melanotan II or melanotan I.