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PTD-DBM Peptide 0.001% solution for Fast Hair Growth, 25ml serum. (Doses 25-50)


PTD-DBM Peptide is a topical serum for fast hair growth and to be used with our other hair growth products that work!  PTD-DBM combined with a growth agent like Valproic Acid Spray, and the hair growth in a month is the most we have seen with any hair growth product.  Our bodies put the brakes on the new hair growth so PTD-DBM is designed to use in conjunction with other hair growth products to allow the hair to grow the fastest and to see results most quickly (1 month is common).  PTD-DBM Peptide may be used on men and women.

PTD-DBM Peptide is a topical hair serum to increase hair regrowth by blocking natural inhibitors that slow hair growth.  If you already have thinning, use with any of our other hair restoration serums for making the hair grow quickly in thickness and numbers.    We recommend using with Zinc Thymusin with GHK-cu for hair thickness.  Finasteride/Minoxidil/Ketoconazole/Latanoprost serum to increase blood flood and hair growth.

PTD-DBM also quickly boosts growth if applied after micro-needling or hair transplants.

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Product Details

 PTD.-DBM is a topical hair product which helps activate the Wnt-Beta-catenin pathway via inhibition of CXXC5. This articular pathway has been proven to help rescue DHT induced hair follicle miniaturization. CXXC-type zinc finger protein5 (CXXC5) is a negative regulator of the Wnt/ß-catenin pathway which has been associated with hair restoration and wound healing. Follicle development and formation can impeded by CXXC5 binding with the protein Dishevelled.

PTD-DBM is a very recently created peptide which interferes with the binding process of CXXC5 and Dishevelled. Studies have proven that PTD-DBM is significantly more effective at inducing hair neogenesis when combined with Valproic Acid, which stimulates the Wnt/ß-catenin pathway when applied topically. This combination should be applied post-microneedling to take advantage of the follicle development that is induced naturally by the wound healing process.