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RG3/Methylcobalamin/NAD+ (2/2/50 mg/ml), Nasal Spray


Active component of ginseng taken as a nasal spray 1-4 x a day. Also includes Methyl B-12 which penetrates blood-brain barrier to improve energy and mood. NAD+ is for healthy sleep, stress aid, and energy. This combination is wonderful for stress induced depression. Recent findings have revealed that ginseng is involved in adjusting the hypothalamic–pituitary– adrenal axis and controlling hormones, thus producing beneficial effects on the heart and brain, and in cases of bone diseases, as well as alleviating erectile dysfunction. Recent studies have highlighted the potential use of ginseng in the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergic asthma. 15 ml $150

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notes: RG3/Methylcobalamin/NAD+ has 3 medicines to boost well- being. RG3 is concentrated ginseng root known for its strong anti- inflamatory effects and to improve memory and energy.

Methylcobalamin improves energy and mood. It is this form of B12 that is bioavailable and capable of reaching the brain. It plays a critical role in mood, energy, memory, cognition, cardiovascular function, neurological function, digestion, and hormonal balance. It is vital to a well-functioning and healthy body, and is necessary for DNA synthesis and red blood cell production NAD+ is the energy precursor to all cells and wakes them up for an anti-aging effect. This combination of three medicines has no side-effects for most people.