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Sermorelin/Glycine Injectable (75 doses)


This product is not available for orders from MAINE, WEST VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI, LOUISIANA, ARKANSAS, TEXAS, and KANSAS. Injectables are not available for sale in California.

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Product Details

Synergistic Combination of growth hormone secreting agents to produce a large pulse of growth hormone release. Use once or twice a day and especially just before a workout for increased muscle gain, energy, and fat loss. Growth Hormone turns on all “tired” cells to act young again. Better skin and hair, better thinking, more energy, more muscle, and less fat – youthful – anti-aging results. Doctor’s review (consult), syringes and needles are included with prescription. Cycle recommended is 3 weeks on and at least one week off to maintain effectiveness. Concentration of Sermorelin/Glycine is 2000mcg/ 5mg / ml (7.5cc premixed). Because this combination activates large natural pulses of your own growth hormone, you do not get the bad body builder side-effects as seen with direct GH dosing. Also, this combination is very stable and does not require refrigeration when traveling. We do offer this great product in an orally absorbed (troche) formulation. Absorbtion through the oral mucosa allows the product to go to the bloodstream without neutralization in the stomach.