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Ibutamoren, Ipamorelin:Sermorelin the troche in question

Sermorelin/Glycine Oral Troche(500mcg/250mg)


Synergististic growth hormone releasing hormone combination. Taken before a workout 5 times per week. Restores youthful growth hormone pulse for better workout energy and results. Also, promotes youthful skin and better sleep.

30 troches (30 doses)

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Sermorelin is a peptide that stimulates the release of growth hormone in your body. When given along with the single amino acid glycine, the pulse of growth hormone release is larger and more intense. This convenient oral form is designed to be absorbed through the mucosa of the mouth – not swallowed. The stomach neutralizes nearly every growth hormone or growth hormone releasing hormone – making them ineffective. We recommend taking this sermorelin-glycine combination about 15 minutes prior to a work-out. This gives you a boost of strength and energy for your workout, and gives you the youthful growth hormone pulse to: build muscle, burn fat, refurbish skin and hair, and renew aging cells throughout the body.