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tadalafil + oxytocin sublingual a woman riding a toy horse holds a purple cowboy hat, her blue hair and boots apparently making the horse happy

Tadalafil + The Love Hormone® Oxytocin, Oral



Generic Cialis is called Tadalafil. Its 36-hour effectiveness earned its nickname “The Weekend Pill”. It is available from Vie as a tasty vanilla butternut oral troche. The Love Hormone® Oxytocin is added to this product to increase desire and bonding to make sex between lovers more powerful and intense. In our orally absorbable form effectiveness is much higher, than with swallowing a large dose pill, while minimizing side-effects.

The mechanism of Tadalafil is that it maintains sustained levels of Nitric Oxide to increase blood flood to the muscles. This allows engorgement of the erectile tissues. This product is effective for both genders as the erectile tissues have the same physiology. Tadalafil has been reported as a safe and efficacious treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. It should not be taken in conjunction with Nitrate therapy.

We recommend a starting dose of one troche to be taken about one half hour prior to sexual intimacy.

Vie is unique in offering this synergistic product with enhanced oral absorption.

  • fun, sexy product for women and men
  • works for 3 days
  • low dosage Tadalafil with maximum delivery and minimal side effects
  • added The Love Hormone Oxytocin for increased libido
  • for the workout gurus! Here is an interesting fact – Tadalafil increases the muscle pump while speeding immediate post-exercise recovery.
  • in men, benign prostatic hypertrophy is effectively treated with 5mg daily
  • Usage protocols are sent on receipt of order
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Product Details

notes: Another of Vie’s custom combinations – a convenient nicely vanilla-flavored oral troche that stimulates arousal blood flow and bonding in men and women. This is fun-right? Intimacy should be fun. The tadalafil in this product has a convenient two day duration of action.

This great product has a fun method of delivery – orally dissolving vanilla-flavored troche. The oral absorption allows for a low dose to be used for great effects on arousal blood flow in men and women without the undesirable side-effects of flushing (red-face) and headache and reflux. The onset of action is usually quick (15 minutes or less) due to the improved delivery. The oxytocin promotes bonding and a feeling of trust and permanence between partners. The oral delivery allows for faster absorption and results, while allowing great effects with a low dose by avoiding degradation by the liver and more difficult absorption through the stomach.

The troche may be cut into smaller doses. It can also be chewed within a piece of your favorite gum to make it even more pleasant and so much less medical.

Vie created this desirable combination of tadalafil and oxytocin to promote great sex and bonding for couples. Some even use this combination before exercise because of the nice effect on Nitric Oxide induced blood flow (oxygen delivery) in the lungs as well as other parts of the body, and Oxytocin’s effect on awakening muscles and making you feel more belonging in a social or gym setting. Oxytocin also helps you avoid binge eating.

Tadalafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) and symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlarged prostate). Tadalafil is also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) and improve exercise capacity in men and women.