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Tesamorelin, Freeze-dried (6 vials, 1 mg lyophilized powder each), Injectable


Injectables are not available for sale in California.

New products not causing hyperactivity.

Increases GH secretion for decreasing internal visceral (intestine and liver) fat. (15.2% loss at 26 weeks) Human studies. FDA approved.

Injections produced 15% decrease in visceral (internal) fat after 6 months with human subjects. Preserved supporting fat in the face, arms, legs, and buttocks. Syringes, needles, and mixing solution included.

6 vials (1 mg lyophilized powder each)

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notes: Tesamorelin is FDA approved to decrease visceral (fat around the intestines) fat in HIV patients. This is different than subcutaneous fat which can be pinched between the fingers. A 15.2% decrease of the visceral fat was noted after 26 weeks of treatment. Vie’s prescription has the protocol and dosing.
The FDA states this medicine is for visceral fat reduction and not for weight loss.

Many people have trouble actually losing weight despite diet and exercise. Vie has products that may help and are listed below:

5 Amino-1MQ: Promotes fat breakdown by blocking NNMT. (7% loss of weight, 30 % loss of fat in 10 days) Mouse studies.
Amlexanox/TTA: Increases weight loss by activating genes. (2-10 pounds lost in 12 weeks withhout diet or exercise) Human studies.
Tesofensine: Increases availability of norepinephrine (energy/ alertness), dopamine (pleasure), and serotonin (mood) and decreases appetite. (28-32 pounds in 24 weeks) Human studies.
Tesamorelin: Increases GH secretion for visceral (intestine and liver) fat loss.(15.2% at 26 weeks) Human studies. FDA approved. 7 Keto DHEA: Weight loss without effort. Endorsed by Dr. Oz
Increases BMR,increases thyroid, and blocks cortisol. (6.6 pounds weight loss over 8 weeks) Human Studies.
methyl B-12: Improves mood, energy, and metabolism to promote weight loss. Safe and investigated by many human studies. Also helps with stress management. Commonly used in weight loss clinics.
MIC + mB12: The MIC amino acid combination is used at weight loss clinics to help your body eliminate fat when you diet and exercise.
GOAL: This 4 amino acid combination stimulates the body to increase its growth hormone secretion to improve your energy, build muscle, and decrease fat. This is commonly used at weight loss clinics to help patients lose weight.

Dec 1, 2010 – Tesamorelin was approved to induce and maintain a reduction of excess visceral abdominal fat in HIV-infected patients with lipodystrophy.

in the December 6,2007 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

The tesamorelin study is a 52-week trial involving 412 patients with lipodystrophy. During the first 26 weeks, 273 patients received tesamorelin and 137 received a placebo. Results at week 26: those who’d received tesamorelin had a 15.2 percent decrease in visceral adipose tissue, compared with a 5 percent increase in those who received a placebo. Moreover, people in the tesamorelin group had greater improvements in cholesterol and insulin function than those who received a placebo.

There was no difference in the incidence of serious side effects between those receiving tesamorelin or placebo.