Protocol for Injectable Testosterone for Men: Protocol Only


Written guide on how to obtain testosterone supplementation from your Physician.  Also contains “how to” use properly, monitor dosing, maintain effectiveness, and how to prepare and handle side effects.Testosterone is a Schedule II controlled drug, so be careful.

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notes: Testosterone replacement works well for men and could benefit most men over 30. However, direct replacement with testosterone carries some risks and benefits. The protocol describes the risks and benefits and how to try to lessen them. Pre testosterone, during testosterone, after testosterone supplementation testing are reviewed. How to monitor and meds to take to maintain fertility and testicle /penis size. Hair loss will occur and how to minimize this if desired. How to avoid rage and personality change. How to carry and keep testosterone legally as it is controlled as a drug in the same schedule II as narcotics opium and cocaine. Dosages that are likely needed and advantages / disadvantages of injectable, topical or oral formulations are discussed. How to maintain optimal response and effectiveness without developing resistance.

A great tool to determine “low T” is the ADAM symptom checker below:

Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male: Predictor of Testosterone

  1. Y / N age over 30?
  2. Y / N libido decreasing ?
  3. Y / N energy low?
  4. Y / N strength / endurance less ?
  5. Y / N height loss?
  6. Y / N enjoy life less?
  7. Y / N sad or grumpy?
  8. Y / N erections weak?
  9. Y / N sports performance less?
  10. Y / N sleeping after dinner?
  11. Y / N work deterioration?

Yes to number 1,2, or 8 or Yes to more than 3 questions, means you likely have decreased Testosterone.