clear vial with purple top, clear liquid inside

Thymosin Alpha-1 Immune System Strengthening (33 doses), Injectable


Thymosin Alpha-1 (3000 mcg/ml) injectable is a natural occurring thymus peptide that has been in use since the 1960’s. It has gained considerable attention for its immuno- stimulatory activity that led to its application in humans to diverse pathological conditions, including many types of malignancies.

Daily dosing. Enough for a 30 day cycle is provided. One cycle in four months is recommended.

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notes: Thymosin Alpha-1 (Tα1) is an endogenous 28 amino acid peptide first isolated from the thymic tissue in the mid-sixties. It is an FDA approved drug for melanoma. It is widely used and studied in multiple types of cancer and viral illnesses. Some physicians are using thymosin for chronic fatigue and Lyme disease and autoimmune function as well.

Studies in human patients have shown promising results in different types of malignancies with particular reference to melanoma, hepatocellular carcinoma and lung cancer.

Vie desires to help you boost your immune system to hopefully stop cancers from starting. Of course,if you have a cancer diagnosis, discussion with your oncologist about this therapy is a must.