A women may wish her vagina to be super responsive for a special encounter, and many women wish to rejuvenate their vagina to erase age related dryness, thinning, and internal smoothness. product Make me Wet® is a cheeky name for our Estradiol with Progesterone suppository.  This insert has the exact bioidentical estrogen needed in suppository form and gets placed directly where needed.  The natural estrogen dose is low – not cancer promoting.  It is balanced with natural progesterone. The prescription protocol provided is exactly the regimen needed to either boost function for a single encounter or restore vaginal structures and function to your youthful state. 

I have been using these suppositories for a few years now and every time they give me wanting feeling in my loins.  If using for better sex, I recommend using at night prior to wanting intercourse.  I like the added progesterone since being too estrogen dependent comes with too many side effects like hair loss and sore breasts.  Check our Women’s Hormone Balance Symptom Checker .

We offer Make me Wet® in quantity of 50 and in a quantity of 100 for best price per insert