Nearly everyone over age 35 becomes thyroid resistant.    The thyroid hormone controls every single cell in your body and brain.  Symptoms of resistance are difficulty losing weight, depression, poor skin, poor hair, cold intolerance and exaggerated pain.    Thyroid resistance is easily measured by standard thyroid tests (T3/T4 and TSH).   You may have normal T3 and T4 levels but a TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone produced by cells when they do not get enough thyroid) greater than 2 indicates thyroid resistance.  Yes this is an age related decline in function,  and nearly everyone gets it.  But,  do you wish to just decline or correct the deficiency.    Of course, correct the deficiency because if your thyroid is off, nothing works as it should.   The replacement thyroid available at is natural and contains T3 and T4.   The T3 is able to pass the blood brain barrier and help support your nerve function and repair, mood, memory, clarity, and thinking.


T4 goes to all the cells in the body.  We do not prescribe synthetic T4 because of the difficulty getting it to the brain, side effects from the synthetic additions, and cost.    You can get the test on your own se find out if you are thyroid resistant – and provide Vie’s doctor the T3, T4, and TSH results.   Go to   Put in your zip-code, and select the testing facility most convenient to you.    Order, pay and schedule your thyroid test.  Results will be provided directly to you.  That simple.