Why Injectable rather than oral?

Here at Vieproducts.com you will see we offer many injectable forms of delivering supplements.  You may be asking why inject when you can take oral?  Here are a few reasons why we like injectables.

  • Oral medicine can be rendered inactivated by harsh stomach acid.
  • Oral swallow medicines need to be water soluble to be absorbed through stomach and intestines.   Many medicines and supplements are not water soluble.
  • Many oral pills are compressed too tightly or bound together with a coating or agent that prevents dissolving 
  • Oral pills that are absorbed through the stomach/ intestines and are transported directly to the liver before being distributed to the body.    The liver often eliminates or changes the medicine completely.   This is called first pass effect.   
  • Injecting medicines or sublingual or nasal avoids the first pass effect of the liver and avoids the pitfalls talked of earlier.  
  • Injected medicines go directly to the blood stream and to their target organs.   They are not modified or changed or destroyed.    
  • This allows lower doses of medicine to be used to get a maximum effect.   
  • Fewer side effects are seen because the doses do not have to be so high to get past the stomach acid and absorption barriers and the inactivation by the liver.  
  • Additionally if substances are ingested and gets past the acids of the stomach and dissolved, it then needs picked up by special carrier molecules to carry it through the intestine and to the liver.    These carriers are often deficient in number.